factis research designs and develops software systems that are easy to use and fulfill the needs of their users. Our company has long-standing experience in the development of applications for mobile devices and of web-based and client-server systems. Our current main product is Checkpad MED, a mobile, electronic health record application for iOS and Windows.

factis research combines detailed domain knowledge with technical expertise and profound knowledge in all areas of software engineering. The focus of our technical expertise lies on programming languages, operating systems, networks, and databases. Further, we turn theory into practice by applying latest results of computer science research to our daily work. We share our knowledge through the blog Funktionale Programmierung and are co-organizers of the BOB conference. Our development process is highly influenced by the agile movement.

factis research has about ten employees. Our team is a diverse mix of talented people, ranging from freelance students to senior developers holding a PhD. Each and every team member is important for us. Their knowledge, motivation, and responsibility is the key to successful products and projects. If you also want to be part of our team: we are looking forward to hearing from you!

Our new office since October 2013!