Our employees are very important to us because their knowledge, motivation, and responsibility are the key to successful products and projects.

Our team

Dr. Harald Fischer is our senior team member and still remembers his first projects with Java 1.0, Motif and Fortran. His tasks include designing new products as well as coordinating marketing, sales and development. [since 2001]

Astrid Lohmann is our expert for quality management with 15 years of experience in the field. She supports us developing efficient processes and workflows and answers all our questions about controlling. [since 2001]

David Leuschner is our expert for software architecture and responsible for visionary technical ideas. Besides that, he knows a lot about computer networks and maintains 24x7 our production servers. [since 2002 | Twitter, Google Plus]

Dr. Stefan Wehr is our programming language expert. He bridges the gap between industry and academia by putting recent research results into practice. His teaching experience enables him to supervise student projects and bachelor/master thesis. [since 2004 | Homepage, Twitter, Google Plus]

Alexander Thiemann has deep knowledge of javascript and other web technologies. He develops the scripting part of the iOS app within the Checkpad MED project. Additionally, he is involved in the development of our management web interface. [since 2012]

Emin Karayel is a mathematician with a strong leaning towards functional programming, proof theory, and software verification. He also has expert knowledge in the areas of machine learning, error-tolerant search engines, and natural language processing. He mainly does developement in the server-side backend of our Checkpad MED application. [since 2013 | Linked-in Profil]

Bastian Senst takes responsibility for importing data from hospital systems. Besides, he does quality assurance and benchmarking of our software. [since 2014]

Stephan Günther is responsible for deployment, continuous integration and monitoring. He is also one of the lead developers of the Checkpad MED App for Windows. [since 2014]

Steffen Brennscheidt brings hospital data from different sources in a common format. He also takes care of many individual customer requirements. [since 2014]

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